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HomeCare Innovation delivers high quality tools that make daily life in and around the home easier

HomeCare Innovation bv is committed to the well-being of people with a functional or mobility limitation; such as elderly and disabled people. Our innovative range consists of various high-quality aids that make everyday life in and around the home easier. As a supplier, we serve various market segments through our network, both at home and abroad. We deliver most products directly from stock, which guarantees fast delivery. We want to achieve this by continuing to innovate our range and offer our customers, from children to the elderly, high-quality products at a fair price.

Modular threshold aids

In order to make homes and flats accessible for a walker or wheelchair, the HomeCare Innovation threshold aids offer a solution. HomeCare Innovation delivers safe, durable, aesthetically sound and user-friendly threshold aid solutions for every conceivable situation. Always a suitable solution!

Nursing bed

At HomeCare Innovation BV we strive to offer a range of products that will enable us to help everyone, in whatever situation, to live independently at home for a longer period of time. This also applies to our range of stand up beds, we hope to be able to offer a stand up bed so that we can help you out as well.

Folding ramps

HomeCare Innovation has a very extensive range of ramps and has a solution to offer in almost all cases. The ramps have been specially developed for various applications and are extremely suitable for wheelchairs, rollators and most mobility scooters. Most of our ramps are lightweight and easily portable.

Bath lifts

Thanks to our bath lifts and bath cushions it is also possible for disabled people to go back into the bath without any effort, the bath lift helps you completely to the bottom and then simply lifts you up again after use.

Toilet lifts

The toilet lift simplifies getting on and off the toilet and is an ideal aid for the elderly and disabled. The toilet lift allows you to use the toilet effortlessly and safely.

Leg lifts

The leg lift enables the user to lift the legs completely from the ground onto the bed, perfect for people with limited leg strength to get back into bed independently.

Stand up lifts

The stand-up lifts are specially designed to assist in getting up from the floor to a seated position or to assist in getting up from a chair.

Total furnishing

HomeCare Innovation offers solutions for care hotels, care institutions, nursing homes and hospices, but also for private individuals if you want to adapt your own bathroom, bedroom and/or kitchen. In addition, our products are often used by interior designers who carry out a project for clients. Click on the link below for more information, or click on one of the three photos to directly view a certain category of establishments.

Adapted sanitary facilities

HomeCare Innovation BV offers a wide range of products for your bathroom and toilet. We offer many solutions in the field of adapted sanitation that not only simplify the daily operations in the bathroom, but also adaptations that make the bathroom a safe environment again immediately.

Toilet aids

The shower seats are ideal for the disabled, disabled and elderly. Very handy tool, all our shower seats can be attached to the wall and fold down to create space in the shower cubicle.


Washbasin lifts

A washbasin lift is mounted on the washbasin in the bathroom. The lift allows users to adjust the height of the washbasin in the bathroom. In this way, people in wheelchairs can use the washbasin extremely comfortably.


Nursing bath

It is often impossible for the elderly, the disabled and the disabled to take a bath. This is a shame, because a bath can be very relaxing. Fortunately, HomeCare Innovation has the solution, namely the nursing bath.

Shower seats

The shower seats are ideal for the disabled, disabled and elderly. Very handy tool, all our shower seats can be attached to the wall and fold down to create space in the shower cubicle.

Walk-in baths

HomeCare Innovation offers different types of entrance and sitting baths, each with its own characteristics. The entry baths combine the advantages of the bath with an easy and safe entry.

4000 sfeerfoto - homecare home

Bidet systems

The bidet systems of HomeCare Innovation can be placed on almost all toilet bowls and ensure a hygienic and environmentally friendly cleaning after every toilet visit. Ideal for the elderly, disabled and other persons with a disability.


Here you can download our folders, with various information about our products.

Excellent Systems

With the Excellent Systems threshold system, every threshold can easily be adjusted for disabled people. HomeCare Innovation is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that offers a threshold system that is easy to assemble, disassemble and reuse.

Homecare catalogus

The Homecare Innovation catalogus provides you with all our populair items for sale, with information about the various products and the differences between them. It also shows you the different options you have for most of our products.

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