Patient lift or stand up lift for ambulance personnel or emergency centres

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The hoists of HomeCare Innovation BV offer a safe transfer from the ground to a stretcher or ensures that ambulance staff patients can get up completely from the ground without much effort from the patient or nurse.

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To remedy this, HomeCare Innovation now offers the inflatable stable lift or hoist. The inflatable lift can be used to lift the patient from the ground to the height of the stretcher after which the patient can easily be moved from the stable lift to the stretcher. In this case, the ambulance staff or the nurse will no longer lift the person manually, this prevents overloading of the staff.

Lift or stable lift for ambulances and emergency centres

HomeCare Innovation offers a solution for a fast growing problem. Our Elk and Camel stable lifts are used to make the transfer of patients from the ground to a stretcher or from the ground completely to a sitting position when a person has fallen.

It is increasingly common for ambulance care and alarm centres to have difficulty lifting a person from the ground, or placing a person on a stretcher with wheels because it always hangs a few centimetres above the ground, even when it is folded down at its maximum. This puts a lot of physical strain on the staff. In fact, the biggest cause of overuse injuries in the healthcare industry is due to manual lifting or repositioning of patients. The Elk and Camel stand lifts offer a practical solution to this problem.

One of the causes of this is that more and more patients in the Netherlands are moderate to seriously overweight. This can lead to very stressful situations for nurses.

Working method:

The HomeCare Innovation stable lifts are fully inflatable from the ground in 4 steps. The air hoses are located from the portable compressor at the inflatable stable lift. The hoist can be reinforced when needed by the 2 supplied support legs.

The hoist is easy to carry and folds back compactly after use so that the lift takes up little space.

ELK Stallifts used in practice by ambulances and emergency centres

In the United Kingdom, the ELK and Camel hoists have been used by ambulance services for many years, but in the United States, Australia, Canada and parts of Europe, too, these hoists are increasingly being used by emergency centres and ambulance services.

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For example, within the first year after the ELK was introduced to South Western Ambulance, an ambulance service in the UK, absenteeism fell by as much as 10%, saving the ambulance service €340,000 (£300,000) in the first year alone.

Approximately 40% of ambulance reports are over the age of 65. 45% of them are unharmed after being helped up and have no further medical attention. This is very high and puts a lot of emergency centres and ambulance services under great pressure, especially during the winter months.

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