Bidet systems

HomeCare Innovation not only sells walk-in baths and shower seats, but also offers innovative toilet solutions. These toilet solutions are suitable for the disabled, but also for people without disabilities. In fact, the bidet systems of HomeCare Innovation are suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy optimal comfort on the toilet.

What is a bidet system?

A bidet system is also called a bidet shower, a WC shower or a shower toilet. This is a special toilet with washing and drying function, which makes your toilet visit even more comfortable. If you have a bidet system in your toilet area, you no longer need to use toilet paper. When you are finished on the toilet, switch on the shower and then the drying system of the WC shower. The bidet system ensures that you can leave the toilet area completely hygienically.

Why purchase a bidet system?

The bidet systems of HomeCare Innovation clean one hundred percent hygienically after every toilet visit and are, of course, completely safe. Because of the optimal support offered by the bidet systems, these systems are also suitable for disabled users. By purchasing a bidet shower as a disabled user, you can use the toilet independently for a longer period of time. Now you don’t have to call anyone to help you, but only go to the toilet whenever you want.

Different types of bidet systems

HomeCare Innovation does not only sell one bidet system, but has several bidet systems in its assortment. All the bidet systems we sell are of excellent quality and have a long lifespan. Take a look at our range of innovative toilet systems and you will easily and quickly find a system that suits you. Good to know: HomeCare Innovation also offers a repair service for users of the bidet system.

Not sure which toilet shower suits you best? Then we can help you purchase the right bidet system. By telling you more about our different bidet systems and finding out your requirements, wishes and expectations for your WC shower, we will help you make the best investment.

Bidets or shower toilets for contractors and municipalities (WMO)

For years, Homecare Innovation has been supplying bidet systems to municipalities whose residents have difficulty cleaning their lower bodies because they can’t quite make the twist to wipe. A bidet system often offers a solution to this problem and ensures that the person can clean themselves again independently after visiting the toilet. Because these solutions can be reimbursed in some cases, they are often requested through municipalities.

Are you a contractor yourself or a municipality and are you looking for a supplier of high quality bidet systems? If so, please feel free to contact us by calling: 010-2420913 or send an email to and we will be happy to inform you further about our solutions.

Any questions? Please contact us

Do you have questions about our bidet systems? Feel free to contact us. We can answer all your questions, including technical questions. If you would like to know more about a specific WC shower in our range, we are also at your service. With our professional purchasing advice you can purchase the right automatic bidet.