Nursing baths

It is often impossible for the elderly, the disabled and the disabled to take a bath. This is a shame, because a bath can be very relaxing. Fortunately, HomeCare Innovation has the solution, namely the nursing bath. This bath has been specially developed for elderly, disabled and handicapped people. If bathing in a standard bath is impossible, this bath offers the solution.

What are nursing baths?

Nursing baths are also called high low baths. These baths are not only comfortable, but are also equipped with a small motor. When you switch this motor on, the bath goes up or down. Elderly, disabled and disabled people who cannot get into a standard bath can use this bath. Also getting out is easier in a high low bath.

The advantages of a nursing bath

A care bath makes it possible for elderly, disabled and disabled people to bathe safely. The bath is practical not only when getting in, but also when getting out. What’s more, the bath is extremely comfortable. This bath is specially designed for target groups with certain disabilities and provides optimal support for the body. In this way, a bath becomes truly relaxing, for every possible user.

In addition, nursing baths support the patient’s caring staff. By raising or lowering the bath, the bath gets the right height. This makes it a lot easier to offer the right care without back, neck and/or shoulder complaints afterwards.

A care bath for the home or care facility

The nursing baths of HomeCare Innovation are suitable for home, but also for professional use. You can also purchase our nursing baths for your care facility, so that the residents of your care facility can regularly enjoy a wonderfully relaxing bath.

HomeCare Innovation sells different types of nursing baths. Some baths are more suitable for the home, others offer optimal support for professional use. Are you curious which bath in our range suits you best? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you buy the right nursing bath.

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Would you like to know more about our high-quality nursing baths? Then please contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about the various nursing baths we sell. We can also help you buy the right nursing bath.