Shower seats

A shower seat is mounted in the shower area. If the user needs the seat while showering, it can be easily and quickly unfolded. If the user does not need the seat, you can easily and quickly fold it down. Because shower seats can also be folded down, this product is often used in shower areas where not everyone needs support while showering. Think of shower areas in care institutions where some people need a seat while showering, but others do not. HomeCare Innovation sells different types of high quality shower seats. This way you will always find a shower seat that meets your requirements and expectations and also falls within your budget.

Shower seats for contractors and municipalities (WMO)

In addition to other aids and solutions, shower seats are also frequently requested by municipal authorities because in some cases they can be reimbursed by municipal authorities / the WMO. HomeCare Innovation has an extensive range of shower seats and can therefore often come to a correct and targeted solution.

Are you a contractor yourself or do you work for a municipality and are you looking for a supplier of shower seats? Then please contact us by calling: 010-2420913 or send an email to and we will be happy to advise you further about the possibilities with our shower seats.