Nursing beds

A nursing bed is very important if you lift a lot on the bed or are even bedridden due to illness, a disability or old age. HomeCare Innovation sells very comfortable nursing beds, in which you can lie all day long without any complaints. Also the nursing beds of HomeCare Innovation are user-friendly for your carer(s). They can easily provide you with the right care when you are lying in this comfortable bed.

The nursing bed: a brief introduction

The nursing bed with standing on function is also called a high low bed. This bed is electrically adjustable in height and therefore very suitable for patients who need to be cared for on the bed. The bed is also extremely suitable for the elderly, the disabled and the handicapped who have difficulty getting into or out of bed themselves. By electrically adjusting the height of the bed, these kinds of daily activities become a lot easier and safer.

The high-quality nursing beds of HomeCare Innovation

The nursing beds of HomeCare Innovation optimally support the user and the nurse when getting in and out of the bed. The beds can be placed in various positions, including a completely flat position and a sitting position. You choose which nursing bed you would like to purchase. HomeCare Innovation sells nursing beds to private persons, but also to hospitals, nursing homes and other care institutions. By purchasing a nursing bed, the user doesn’t have to make any physical effort and the carer is also optimally supported. All nursing home beds of HomeCare Innovation are fully electric. This means that the beds are extra user-friendly, both for the patient and for the carer who has to operate the bed.

A standing on the bed for everyone

At HomeCare Innovation BV we strive to offer a range of products that will enable us to help everyone, in whatever situation, to live independently at home for a longer period of time. This also applies to our range of sta on beds, we hope to be able to offer a sta on bed so that we can help you out as well.

Purchase a hospital bed? We are happy to help you

Are you looking for a high quality nursing bed for your mother, father, brother, sister or client? Then we can help you buy the right hospital bed. We would be happy to hear what requirements your nursing bed has to meet and can also take your budget into account. By talking to our experts, you can purchase the best hospital bed.

Do you want to know more about a healthcare bed? Contact us!

Would you like to know more about our nursing beds? Feel free to contact us. Also if you have any questions about a specific care bed on this page, we are at your service. By telling you more about our various nursing home beds, we can help you make the right investment. For more information about our care beds, or for other questions, you can always call us during office hours: 010-2420913 or send us an email: