Bath lifts

Many disabled people find it difficult to get in and out of the bath. For many of them it is not even possible to take a relaxing bath, simply because they cannot get in and out of the bath. To make taking a relaxing bath easier, you can order a bath lift.

The bath lift: a short introduction

Bath lifts help disabled people get in and out of the bath easily and quickly, without any safety risks. The bathing lift sinks completely to the bottom of the bath, so that it is possible for a disabled person to get in and out of the bath without any effort and without any safety risks. An additional advantage of the bath lift, is that it can prevent back complaints from nursing staff.

Different types of bath lifts

HomeCare Innovation sells different types of lifts for in the bath, so there is a lift solution for every bath. All bath lifts of HomeCare Innovation are easy to use and one hundred percent safe.

For example, you can choose to purchase the bath lift bathing-cushion. This is a bath lift with air in it. The user can sit on the lift, but also lie down. If the user is lying down or sitting down, you only need to use the push button to activate the bath lift. In no time the user is sitting or lying in the bath. After bathing, use the same push button to raise the lift again.

HomeCare Innovation also sells the Relexa bath lift. This is a motorised bath lift that makes it easier and safer for disabled people to take a bath. The bathing lift has two buttons, which let the lift go up or down. The lift also has a reinforced seat belt, a free remote control and even a thermometer.

Safe a relaxing bath with HomeCare Innovation

With the HomeCare Innovation bath lifts, it is possible for everyone to take a relaxing bath in complete safety. Even if you have not been in the bath for years because this is no longer possible with your health complaints, HomeCare Innovation can help you. It may take some getting used to using a bathing lift, but after the first use you don’t want anything else. Now you can take a bath every week or even every day with your bathing lift air cushion or your comfort bath lift.

More info? Contact us

Would you like to know more about our stand-up auxiliary bath? Feel free to contact us. Also if you have specific questions about the bath lift with air cushion or if you want to know more about our motorized bath lift, we are at your service.