High low kitchen cabinet lift

At HomeCare Innovation BV we can offer a kitchen cabinet for every situation! We offer both fully electric high low cabinet lifts and manual top cabinet lifts for when the kitchen cabinet needs to be adjusted less often.

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The different types of kitchen cabinet lifts

First of all, you can determine whether you need an electric or manually adjustable kitchen cabinet. We mainly recommend the electric kitchen cabinet when there is a need for regular adjustment of the kitchen cabinet, this because the manual version of the kitchen cabinet / overhead cabinet lift is a lot more labour intensive than the electric version of the product. Furthermore, the possibilities with the adapted kitchen cabinets are endless. The adjustable kitchen cabinets are available in different heights, widths and depths, you can also choose from various accessories for the kitchen cabinet lifts, you can choose from lighting and various push buttons to operate the lift. Furthermore you can choose from the lift movement that the high low top cabinet lift makes when using the lift.

The perfect kitchen cabinetlift for your custom kitchen

Every kitchen is different, so it can often be difficult to find the perfect solution for your custom kitchen. Fortunately, the high low lift system for the wall cabinets at HomeCare Innovation BV is quite modular, so the system is often very easy to integrate into your custom kitchen. For advice and prices we ask you to send us an email with your wishes, expectations and dimensions, so we can quickly estimate which high low kitchen cabinet best suits your situation. You can send an e-mail to: or call: 010-242 09 13. We will be happy to help you!

The advantages of a high low wall cabinet

The advantages of integrating a high low top cabinet in your disabled / adapted kitchen is that the wheelchair user(s) can also use the facilities in the kitchen independently. Furthermore, in 9 out of 10 cases, the kitchen cabinet lift can be inconspicuously integrated in the style of your kitchen. Furthermore, the lift has its own, automatic emergency switch that automatically stops the lift as soon as it comes into contact with something on the underside of the sink. This makes it impossible for the lift to get stuck underneath. The ideal kitchen for wheelchair users!

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