Stand up lifts – Stand up help – Stand up pillow

HomeCare Innovation sells user-friendly lifts for various professional purposes. In our assortment you will find not only bath lifts and toilet lifts, but also stand up lifts. Of course, these lifts are also of excellent quality. If you invest in a stand on help or stand on pillow from HomeCare Innovation, you will enjoy this for years.

laying to standing lifts: a short introduction

Stand up lifts can be used to get someone from a lying position into a sitting position, without physical exertion. This lift is used, for example, after annoying falls, but also for people who can no longer stand up independently. By using a standing up lift, the user does not have to make any physical effort to get up. And because the lift optimally supports the user, the carer also does not have to make any physical effort.

The importance of good standing up on a lift – stand up on help

Approximately 30% of over-65s fall at least once a year. Usually it is possible to get up on your own again, but unfortunately this is not always the case. By using a stand up lift in this case, the patient can get back up completely safely with the right support. And because standing on a lift provides optimal support for the patient, the role of the caregiver is much smaller. Stand up lifts are not only safer for senior citizens, but also for carers.

The stand up lifts of HomeCare Innovation

HomeCare Innovation sells different types of high quality stand-up lifts for professional use. These are inflatable lifting cushions of the brands Camel and ELK. These brands both have an excellent reputation and only sell high quality inflatable hoists.

The stand-up lifts of the brands Camel and ELK are very popular. This is not for nothing, because these lifts have several important advantages. The most important advantages of the inflatable lift cushions of Camel and ELK are the following.

  • The lifts reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Standing on lifts optimally protects the caring staff of a disabled person.
  • The lifts drastically reduce the care costs of a disabled person. The costs of these lifts are therefore almost always taken out of your budget.
  • The lifts maintain the dignity of the patient. For many users of the lifts, this is the biggest advantage.

Would you like to benefit from these advantages? Then order a Camel or ELK lift at HomeCare Innovation.