Swimming pool lifts

A pool lift is used to help the disabled get in and out of the pool easily and safely. By purchasing a swimming pool lift, disabled people can continue to use the pool.

For private and public baths

HomeCare Innovation believes that disabled people should also be able to take a lovely dive once in a while. By purchasing a swimming pool lift, you make your swimming pool accessible for disabled visitors. You can purchase a pool lift for your own private pool, but also for a public pool. Do you have a pool in the garden and have you become less mobile? Then you can equip your own pool with a pool lift. Do you run a public pool and do you want your pool to be accessible to everyone? Then HomeCare Innovation can also help you.

Swimming pool lifts for independent use

The swimming pool lifts of HomeCare Innovation can be used completely independently by the user. If you enrich your public swimming pool with a swimming pool lift, you don’t have to worry about having to operate this lift all day long. Also if you buy a swimming pool lift for your own swimming pool, you can operate this lift yourself. This means that you can go swimming whenever you want, without needing any help from others. The swimming pool lifts of HomeCare Innovation offer you all the support you need.

Swimming pool lifts that you can easily place

HomeCare Innovation understands that you do not want to rebuild your entire swimming pool in order to be able to install a swimming pool lift. Fortunately, this is not necessary at all, because our swimming pool lifts are easy to install. You can even easily move your HomeCare Innovation swimming pool lift, for example if you want to be able to use the lift in several swimming pools. A complex installation is absolutely not necessary.

A wide range of swimming pool lifts

There are different types of swimming pool lifts. The different types poollifts that HomeCare Innovation sells, are shown on this page. All lifts on this page are of excellent quality. The lifts are not only extremely user-friendly, but of course also one hundred percent safe. You can use the lifts of HomeCare Innovation to lift disabled persons in the pool, but also to get disabled persons out of the pool.

Questions? We are ready for you

Would you like to know more about the HomeCare Innovation swimming pool lifts? Feel free to contact us. Also if you have a question about a specific product in our range, we are at your service. We are happy to answer your questions to give you a clearer picture of our swimming pool lifts.