Toilet lifts

If the use of the toilet becomes difficult due to disability or old age, you can order a toiletlift. A toiletlift helps the disabled to get on and off the toilet easily. The toilet lift helps the disabled to sit down carefully, but also helps the disabled to get up again after visiting the toilet. In this way, a visit to the toilet no longer involves any effort on the part of the disabled person, but is easy and safe for everyone. HomeCare Innovation sells different types of toilet lifts, which have been specially developed for hospitals and other care institutions where extra support on the toilet is required.

User-friendly, safe and comfortable

The toilet lifts of HomeCare Innovation are of excellent quality. The lifts are not only user-friendly, but also one hundred percent safe. By purchasing a toilet lift from HomeCare Innovation, you know for sure that you can go to the toilet without any problems. Even with serious complaints that make your toilet visit very difficult, the HomeCare Innovation toilet lift will provide you with a carefree and problem-free toilet visit.

The HomeCare Innovation toilet lifts are also comfortable. Even if you have to sit on the lift for a longer period of time, this is not a problem. Even users with serious complaints can use the HomeCare Innovation toilet lifts comfortably.

The most important characteristics of our toilet lifts

All HomeCare Innovation toilet lifts are slightly different, but the lifts do have some characteristics in common. To give you a clear picture of the toilet lifts of HomeCare Innovation, we would like to list the most important characteristics of these lifts for you:

  • The toilet lifts are gently and comfortably moved from a natural standing position to a sitting position.
  • The toilet lifts have a modern look and do not stand out in the toilet room or bathroom.
  • The lifts are made of a smooth and washable material, which you can easily clean.
  • The toilet lifts are available with and without armrests.

The toilet lifts of HomeCare Innovation are also suitable for users and toilets of different heights. Everyone can use a toilet lift of HomeCare Innovation to make toilet visits safer and more comfortable.

The toilet lift: for whom suitable?

The toilet lift of HomeCare Innovation is suitable for anyone who has difficulty visiting the toilet. Think of people with multiple sclerosis, but also people with osteotomy or rheumatoid arthritis. The automatic toilet lift helps you to sit on the toilet, but also to get up. You can use the lift temporarily in case of temporary complaints, but also forever. If you have a chronic illness that makes it difficult to visit the toilet, the automatic toilet lift from HomeCare Innovation is certainly something for you.