Workboard lifts

HomeCare Innovation has a large range of high quality worktop lifts. These lifts make it easier to use a specific worktop, for example in the kitchen.

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Different types of worktop lifts

HomeCare Innovation understands that everyone has different requirements, wishes and expectations when purchasing a worktop lift. That is why we sell different types of worktop lifts. For example, you can buy the baselift from us. This lift adjusts the height of the worktop and is suitable for straight walls. We also sell the sidelift. This lift is also suitable for straight walls and can be placed in various kitchens.

As a layman it may be difficult to determine which worktop lift suits you and your kitchen best. Fortunately HomeCare Innovation can help you to buy the right lift. We will tell you more about our different worktop lifts and determine together with you which lift suits you best. Even if you have very specific requirements for your worktop lift, we can help you find the right lift.

Equipping your worktop lift with the right parts

The motorised adjustable worktop lift of HomeCare Innovation is mounted at the desired location. Then the worktop lift is equipped with the parts you need. Think of sinks and hobs, but also drawers, fronts and so on. Thanks to our wide range of professional worktop lifts, you will always find a product that meets your requirements and expectations.

Your worktop lift neatly assembled

HomeCare Innovation not only sells worktop lifts, but can also assemble these lifts. If you have purchased a worktop lift from HomeCare Innovation, we will come to you to neatly place this lift for you. We understand that you need the worktop lift quickly in order to be able to work well in the kitchen. That is why we never leave you waiting long for delivery and assembly, but always come to you at short notice. Before you know it, your HomeCare Innovation worktop lift is neatly assembled and you can start using this user-friendly lift.

Read more? Contact us

Would you like to know more about our worktop lifts in general or a specific lift in our range? Feel free to contact us. Also if you would like to order a worktop lift from HomeCare Innovation, we are at your service. We would like to hear exactly what kind of lift you need, and then sell you the right lift. This worktop lift is guaranteed to give you many years of pleasure.