Non-slip steps

Anti-slip steps are mounted on an existing staircase. By mounting these anti-slip steps, the steps become stiffer and this reduces the risk of dangerous falls. The non-slip steps of HomeCare Innovation are made of glass fibre. All steps are easy and quick to mount, on different surfaces. Even if your stairs are damaged or worn out, you can enrich the stairs with the steps of HomeCare Innovation. The steps are used in private homes, but also in hospitals, nursing homes and other care institutions. The steps of HomeCare Innovation make the daily use of the stairs many times safer.

Why an anti-slip stair?

An non-slip stair is not only very beneficial for safety when using the stairs a lot, but can also hide old damage on the stairs and prevent slipperiness on the stairs. These stair coverings are very suitable for outdoors and remain firmly in place at all times after fastening.

The non-slip stair treads are immediately available in various standard sizes but can also be made to measure on request so that they always fit seamlessly with your staircase.

Purchase anti-slip stair

An non-slip staircase can be realised in various ways, for example, non-slip staircase strips are available at various DIY stores such as the hornbach, ikea, action, job, praxis and range. However, these anti-slip strips are hardly ever suitable for outdoor use, only offer a limited anti-slip surface and are not suitable for installation on all surfaces. In addition, it is always questionable how long these adhesive strips will actually remain in place during intensive use of the stairs.

The HomeCare Innovation BV anti-slip stairs offer an anti-slip surface over the entire surface of the stairs, will never slide after installation and are suitable for almost any type of surface. In addition, our non-slip coverings are completely weather resistant and therefore also suitable for intensive outdoor use.

Questions about the anti-slip stair?

If you have any questions about our non-slip solutions for your staircase, please feel free to contact us by emailing us: or give us a call by calling 010-2420913, we will be happy to help you and we can map out the estimated costs directly for you.