The threshold ramps of HomeCare Innovation

Threshold ramps HomeCare Innovation sells many different threshold ramps. Thanks to our wide range of high-quality threshold aids, you will always find a threshold aid that meets your requirements and also falls within your budget. And thanks to our specialisation in threshold assistance, we can always advise you on the purchase of a modular system for your threshold. With a little help from HomeCare Innovation you will always find the perfect threshold aid for your home, care institution or business premises. On this page you will find our total range of threshold ramps. By clicking on one of the subcategories on this page, you will see all products within this subcategory.

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Housing modifications for contractors & municipalities (WMO)

These threshold ramps are also ideal for contractors who work a lot for municipalities / the WMO. Over the years we have been able to do a lot of business with contractors and municipalities around our threshold help and housing modifications, and to the satisfaction of both the residents and the municipalities themselves. Our threshold aid systems are easy to work with and guarantee a targeted solution. In addition, the specialists of HomeCare Innovation are always ready to advise contractors and municipalities. Are you a contractor or do you work for a municipality? Please contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to inform you further. Call: 010-242 09 13 or send an email to