Excellent threshold help

HomeCare Innovation has set up its own product line with threshold aids. This product line is called the Excellent Systems line. Do you want to buy a high quality threshold aid that you can easily assemble, disassemble and reuse, then the Excellent threshold aids of HomeCare Innovation are certainly something for you.

Excellent Systems from HomeCare Innovation

The Excellent threshold aids of HomeCare Innovation consist of separate parts that you can easily and quickly click together. You can also compare the threshold systems with Lego: the popular building blocks that children can make anything from. Just as with Lego, the Excellent threshold aids are also available in various colours. For example, it is also possible to mark a run-up strip with a striking colour, for people with restricted vision.

Easy to assemble, disassemble and reuse

The Excellent threshold aids of HomeCare Innovation are easy to assemble, but also easy to disassemble and then reuse. This makes the threshold aid systems ideal for people who want to use their threshold aid in different ways. For example, do you want the threshold aid to lie down at the front door one moment and at the entrance to your office the next? Then this is certainly possible. Before you know it, you have moved your Excellent threshold aid.

Excellent threshold aids: the advantages

The Excellent threshold aid systems from HomeCare Innovation are very popular. This is not for nothing, because these threshold aids have several advantages. The most important advantages of the Excellent threshold aids are the following:

  • The Excellent threshold aids are 95% reusable.
  • The Excellent Threshold Assistance Systems can be fitted in every situation.
  • Threshold support systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Excellent threshold assistance systems are sound-absorbing.
  • Threshold aids are slip-resistant and safe.
  • Threshold aids are easy to clean, for a top hygienic threshold aid.

The Excellent sill aids also drain water optimally, it is possible to supply these sill aids with sloping sides and the Excellent sill aids are not susceptible to theft. Would you like to benefit from these advantages? Then order your own Excellent threshold aid from HomeCare Innovation.

Questions? Please contact us

Do you have questions about our Excellent threshold assistance systems? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. We can also always help you place an order.