Threshold ramp kit systems

HomeCare Innovation does not only sell less threshold helper, but we also sell complete threshold help kits. If you order a threshold ramp kit, you will receive a complete package with threshold ramp, all parts for this threshold ramp and all accessories for this threshold ramp. You can order a threshold ramp kit for your healthcare institution, but also for your shop, office building, catering establishment and so on.

All our threshold ramp kits are easy and quick to install, even for the layman. If you are installing a threshold ramp for the first time in or in front of your business premises, you will have it installed in no time at all.

For low and high thresholds

The threshold ramps kit systems from HomeCare Innovation bridge low thresholds, but are also suitable for compensating higher thresholds up to 150 millimetres. Is there a higher threshold at the entrance of your business premises or do you have a higher threshold in the premises? Then you can purchase a threshold ramp kit system to bridge this threshold. Now your business premises are fully accessible to people in wheelchairs, walkers or scooters.

Threshold ramp kit systems: for in and around the house

The threshold ramp kit systems of HomeCare Innovation are multi-purpose. You can place your Excellent KIT system indoors, but you can also use it outdoors. Due to the robust material of the threshold ramp kit systems, these threshold systems do not become slippery in rain, snow or other humid weather conditions. If you place your HomeCare Innovation kit threshold system outside, you do not have to worry about the threshold ramp getting wet.

Soundproof, robust and fireproof

The Excellent KIT systems of HomeCare Innovation have several interesting advantages. Firstly, the KIT systems are low-noise. Even if you drive a heavier vehicle such as a mobility scooter over the threshold, you hear virtually nothing. In addition, the threshold ramp kit systems are robust. This makes the threshold systems extra safe, even in wet weather. Finally, the threshold ramps are fireproof. By purchasing a threshold ramp from HomeCare Innovation, you give your business premises just that little bit extra fire safety.

Also good to know: the threshold ramp kit systems from HomeCare Innovation are easy and quick to install.

More to know? Contact us

Would you like to know more about our threshold ramp kit systems? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you by answering all your questions. You can also contact us if you want to purchase your own threshold ramp kit system. We will be happy to supply you with a customised threshold system that fully meets your requirements, wishes and expectations.