Polyethylene quickramps

The polyethylene quickramps of HomeCare Innovation can be used to adjust smaller thresholds. Because of the user-friendly system of these threshold ramps, you have placed the polyethylene quickramps in no time. And because the sill ramps are fitted with an anti-slip top layer, users can always drive or walk over them safely. Even if the sill ramps get wet, they are completely safe.

Polyethylene quickramps: for all types of thresholds

The polyethylene quickramps of HomeCare Innovation can be used for all types of thresholds, steps, edges and ledges. This is because the polyethylene quickramps can be made to measure. Even if you have a specific requirement for your polyethylene threshold ramps or you need a threshold ramp with different dimensions, HomeCare Innovation can help you. We always deliver the perfect polyethylene quickramps for your threshold, step, edge or ledge.

The polyethylene quickramps can carry up to 2000 kilos of weight. This means that the polyethylene threshold ramps can hold This makes the polyethylene quickramps multi-purpose. You can have these threshold ramps placed in your company premises, but also in your care institution or school. Wherever an annoying threshold, step, edge or ledge gets in the way, you can have a polyethylene threshold ramp placed to solve this problem.

User-friendly and safe

The polyethylene threshold aids of HomeCare Innovation are enriched with quickpads or quicktapes. The quickpads and quicktapes ensure that you can place these threshold aids quickly and easily. This makes the polyethylene threshold ramps very user-friendly. In addition, the polyethylene threshold ramp systems are very safe. Not only because these threshold ramps are sturdy on top, but also because of the non-slip top layer of the polyethylene threshold plates. This non-slip top layer also makes the sill ramps 100% safe when a little wet.

Threshold aids for indoors

You always use the polyethylene quickramps of HomeCare Innovation indoors. If you need a threshold ramp for outdoors, you can order one of our ready threshold ramps or have a tailor made threshold made to measure.

More info? Contact us

Would you like to know more about our polyethylene quickramps? Feel free to contact us. Even if you are in doubt whether or not this threshold ramp meets your requirements, wishes and expectations, please contact us. We would be pleased to hear what you would like to use the threshold assistance system for. We can then tell you whether or not this threshold ramp suits you. If this is not the case, HomeCare Innovation guarantees another threshold ramp that meets your requirements.