Size threshold ramps

HomeCare Innovation sells a large number of , but we can also customize your threshold ramp. Do you have specific requirements that your threshold ramp must meet or can’t you find a good threshold ramp for your slightly different threshold? Then order one of our tailor-made threshold ramps.

Different types of customised threshold ramps

We understand that everyone has different requirements, wishes and expectations when ordering a threshold ramp. What’s more, every customer has a different budget. To ensure that everyone can succeed at HomeCare Innovation by ordering the perfect threshold ramp, we sell different types of customised threshold ramps. For example, you can order a straight threshold ramp from HomeCare Innovation, but also a threshold ramp with one corner, two corners or more than two corners. You tell us what requirements your customised threshold ramps have to meet and we will make sure that you can order the perfect threshold ramp. And do you have a specific requirement for your threshold ramp? Then you can also let us know. We do everything in our power to be able to supply a threshold ramp that fully meets this specific requirement.

The Excellent Systems threshold ramps of HomeCare Innovation

HomeCare Innovation sells various types of threshold ramps, including the Excellent Systems threshold ramp product line. These made-to-measure threshold ramps are easy to assemble, disassemble and then re-use. In addition, the threshold ramp systems are very flexible. With our Excellent Systems customised threshold ramps we can create any shape, from one, two or three sides that can be accessed to balcony and gallery elevations.

Sustainable customised threshold ramps

We think it is important that you have years of pleasure from your threshold help from HomeCare Innovation. That is why we only sell durable, tailor-made threshold ramps, which can last for many years without any maintenance. Our made-to-measure threshold ramps are always made of the loud material polyethylene. Even if your threshold ramp is always outside, does not require any maintenance and is used intensively every day, your threshold ramp will last for years.

Questions? We are at your service

Do you have any questions about our tailor-made threshold aids? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. If you would like to know more about a specific product in our range of made-to-measure threshold plates, please do not hesitate to contact us.