Walk-in baths

For many disabled people it is difficult or even impossible to take a relaxing bath. This is because it is difficult for disabled people to sit safely in the bath and get out of it safely. HomeCare Innovation solves this problem with the boarding bath. You can read more about this unique bath in the test below.

What is a boarding bath

A inner bath is a bath that is fitted with a patented door system. This system is located in the edge of the bath. By using the door system, disabled people can get in and out of the bath independently. Not by dangerously stepping over the edge, but simply by opening and closing the door. The walk-in bathtubs of HomeCare Innovaten make it possible for everyone to take a relaxing bath, without the risk of a dangerous fall.

Different types of low-entry baths

HomeCare Innovation sells two types of boarding pools: a boarding pool with door system on the left side and a boarding pool with a door system on the right side. You choose yourself which walk-in bath of HomeCare Innovation fits best in your bathroom. And you don’t want to buy a new bath, but do you want to make the bathroom safer? Then you can also purchase a separate integral bath door. You can place this door in your existing bath without having to renovate the bathroom completely.

A bathtub: is it something for me?

Can’t bathe anymore, simply because you can’t get in and out of the bathtub safely? Then you can purchase a bath lift from HomeCare Innovation, but in this case the boarding bath is also definitely something for you. By purchasing a boarding bath, you can get in and out of the bath completely independently and without any risk.

The boarding bath of HomeCare Innovation is suitable for the elderly, but also for the disabled and handicapped. For every target group there is another suitable boarding bath. There are boarding baths for the elderly, but also boarding baths for the handicapped and boarding baths for the disabled. HomeCare Innovation will gladly help you to purchase the right boarding bath.

Questions? Please contact us

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