Washroom lifts

HomeCare Innovation sells different types of lifts, including toilet lifts, bath lifts and standing on lifts. You will also find various washbasin lifts in our wide range. By having a washbasin lift installed, you can continue to live independently for a longer period of time. Even if you have serious complaints that stand in the way of your independence, the washbasin lift of HomeCare Innovation offers the solution. Our complete range of washbasin lifts & accessories >.

The washbasin lift: a brief introduction

A washbasin lift is mounted on the washbasin in the bathroom. The lift allows users to adjust the height of the washbasin in the bathroom. In this way, people in wheelchairs can drive under the washbasin console and use the washbasin extremely comfortably. Without a washbasin lift wheelchair you may need help in the bathroom, with this practical lift you can do everything yourself.

Electric washbasin lifts

HomeCare Innovation sells manual and electric washbasin lifts for disabled people. The electric washbasin lifts are equipped with a small motor and are operated with a remote control. If you wish to raise or lower the lift, you only need to use the remote control to make this possible. The electric washbasin lift is ideal for people who cannot use so much power to manually adjust the lift.

Manual washbasin lifts

Electric washbasin lifts for the disabled are equipped with a motor, the manual washbasin lifts do not have a motor. If you want to raise or lower a manual lift, you do this by hand. This may sound like a tiring task, but the manual washbasin lifts are extremely user-friendly. Even if you are not strong, you can operate this lift perfectly.The perfect washbasin lift for you.

Because of our wide range of washbasin lifts, everyone can purchase the perfect lift at HomeCare Innovation. Would you like to buy a washbasin lift wheelchair, but you are not sure which lift suits you best? Feel free to contact us. We would like to hear more about your requirements, wishes and expectations for your washbasin lift and we can then offer you the perfect lift. Of course we can also install this lift for you.

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