Step-by-step installation of a threshold aid

Placing a threshold aid is no longer a challenge for HomeCare Innovation BV. Our team of experts can always offer a suitable solution even in the most impossible situation thanks to our flexible modular threshold support system and many other threshold solutions. Here you can see a step by step installation of a threshold aid so you can see exactly how we work from start to finish. Do you also have an awkward threshold that you would like to make wheelchair accessible? Please let us know by calling 010-242 09 13 or send us an email: We will be happy to help you out. See also our standard threshold aids>

Balcony & gallery elevations

Een balcony elevation or gallery elevation offers residents, visitors, elderly and disabled people the opportunity to live completely freely in and around their homes again. An ideal solution is for example, VvE’s who want a flat or appartments raised. Take a look at a number of examples of projects we have carried out. → Click here for more information >

Lift systems

The lift systems of HomeCare Innovation are designed to ensure that you can carry out your daily activities independently for longer. This means that through our lifts you can bathe completely independently again thanks to the bathlifts, can go to the toilet through our toiletlifts whether you can put yourself to bed independently using our leg lifts. HomeCare Innovation also supplies lifts to help carers with Lifting people from the ground up, to use the kitchen independently thanks to the worktop-lifts, washbasin lifts for in the bathroom but even poollifts to lift people in and out of the water. Click here to view all lift systems >

Exit security

The plastic bump tube (so called K-Tube) prevents driving next to the driveway with, for example, a mobility scooter. The exit barrier can be placed as a single or double variant and can be used for threshold solutions from 3.6 cm. height. Here you can see a number of examples of threshold aids with a slip barrier. → Click here for more information >

Recently realised threshold aids

Every day, our team of specialists goes out and about to install threshold aids at customers. We then take the necessary parts with us and place them on site. Thanks to the flexible system we work with, the threshold aids are very easy to adapt so that they can be used in any situation. ← On the right you can see a number of examples of recently realised threshold aids. Click here for more information. >

An extra wide ramp:

Why an extra wide ramp? In exceptional cases it is just not possible to safely bridge the ramp with a mobility scooter, because the ramp is simply not wide enough, this extra wide ramp has a total width of no less than 88 cm and thus offers a solution. The ramp is available in different lengths up to 300cm and in a foldable version. Click here for more information. >

Shower floor elevation

Threshold solutions from Excellent Systems can be constructed using three different gradient angles:

  • – Inclination angle type I = 1:6,7
  • – Inclination angle type II = 1:13,3
  • – Inclination angle type III = 1:20

Inclination angle type I and II can be installed multi-sided (sides sloping), inclination angle type III only 1-sided (straight forward sloping). Depending on the height of the threshold and the available space, a choice is made for a certain angle of inclination. Please contact us for advice. Click here for more information. >

The Stepless Lite ramps

The Stepless Lite ramps are made of carbon fibre and are therefore very lightweight. In addition, the ramps are also easy to fold, making them easy to take along. See the photo album on the right for a number of projects in which the Stepless Lite ramp has been used.