Total furnishing – bathroom

Total furnishing of the bathroom

HomeCare Innovation is committed to create a homely, accessible but above all a safe bathroom for the disabled, handicapped and elderly. In order to realise this, HomeCare Innovation has managed to put together a total range of various products. A number of these innovative products are for example our toilet lifts, bath lifts, shower seats and much more!

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Take a look at the products below

Personal aids


Toilet brackets

With the HomeCare Innovation toilet bracket you have extra support when getting up and when sitting down. In addition, they are lightweight and some are even foldable, which makes it ideal to make room for someone who does not need it.

Shower seats

A shower seat is mounted in the shower area. If the user needs the seat while showering, it can be easily and quickly unfolded. If the user does not need the seat, you can easily and quickly fold it down. Super handy! In addition, the shower seats are equipped with extra support legs under the seat, which allows them to support a lot of weight.

Bidet systems

HomeCare Innovation also offers innovative toilet solutions. These toilet solutions are suitable for the disabled, but also for people without disabilities. In fact, the bidet systems are suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy optimum comfort and freshness on the toilet. Guaranteed fresh and thorough cleaning with water after every toilet visit!


Nursing baths

In many cases it is physically impossible for the elderly, the disabled and the handicapped to take a nice hot bath. This is a shame, because a bath can be very relaxing. Fortunately, we also have different solutions for this, and the nursing bath is one of them. The nursing baths are all equipped with different lift systems so that the user can easily get into the bath again and/or be washed by a carer without physical strain at work height.

Walk-in bathtubs

For many disabled people it is difficult or even impossible to take a relaxing bath. This is because it is difficult for disabled people to sit safely in the bath and get out of it safely, but the high rim of the bath is also often an inconvenient obstacle. HomeCare Innovation solves this problem with the entrance bath. All entrance baths are equipped with a watertight door that can be opened when getting in and out. In addition, a number of the models also have a built-in comfortable seat at sitting height.



Washbasin lifts

Especially for wheelchair users, it is often difficult to use washbasins at “normal” height. Washbasin lifts ensure that the washbasin is accessible to both standing and sitting persons. At the push of a button, you can raise the wash basin to the height of your choice. In addition to electric wash basin lifts, our range also includes manual wash basin lifts.

Toilet lifts

If the use of the toilet becomes difficult due to a disability or old age, a toilet lift could be a solution for you. A toilet lift helps the disabled to get on and off the toilet easily. The toilet lift is simply placed above your current toilet and gradually rises or falls to the height of your personal preference. In this way you can be sure that you can use the toilet safely and safely at any time of the day.

Bath lifts

Many disabled people find it difficult to get in and out of the bath or do not feel completely safe anymore. For many of them it is not even possible to take a relaxing bath, getting in and out of the bath is simply too much of an obstacle. To make it easier to take a nice warm bath, the bath lift is an ideal and less intrusive solution.

Why a bathroom adaptation from HomeCare Innovation BV

  • A suitable bath from A to Z
  • Advice professionals
  • Contact with WMOs and occupational therapists
  • Easy to reach
  • High quality
  • Safety stop by means of sensors
  • Lots of additional accessories available
  • Quick delivery and easy assembly

Fully accessible bathroom

You can use your bathroom again with little effort

At HomeCare Innovation we have included various handy aids for the bathroom in our product range in order to comply with all the possibilities for adapting your bathroom to an adapted bathroom, which also allows wheelchair users to use the sanitary facilities in the bathroom independently.

The possibilities for an adapted bathroom

An adaptation to a bathroom for the disabled or disabled can mean a lot, for example, we can already think of handy shower seats which ensures that you do not have to stand constantly while showering or a bidet system which you can clean with little effort, A toilet lift that helps you off after using the toilet also fits in.

But also the larger components of the bathroom can be adapted so that all users of the kitchen can easily and independently use the bathroom. Think of a bath lift to get you out of the bath easily, but also walk-in bathtubs so that you can walk in and out of the bath with peace of mind or even electric washbasin lifts and manual washbasin lifts that can lower to the reach height of a wheelchair user.

But also for those who cannot clean themselves there are nursing baths available to make it easier for your carers to clean you.

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