Total furnishing – care institutions



HomeCare Innovation offers solutions for care hotels, care institutions, nursing homes and hospices, but also for private individuals if you want to adapt your own bathroom, bedroom and/or kitchen. In addition, our products are often used by interior designers who carry out a project for their clients, care institutions if any. HomeCare Innovation not only makes your facility accessible for wheelchair users, disabled or elderly people, but also creates a homely and cosy atmosphere.



HomeCare Innovation offers, among other things, worktop lifts, which makes it easier to use the worktop as a wheelchair user. But also, for example, kitchen cupboard lifts, which ensure that the kitchen cupboards can be raised to a workable height for all occupants. And all this at the push of a button!



HomeCare Innovation can also ensure that bathrooms are completely safe and user-friendly for wheelchair users, disabled and elderly people. For example by installing toilet lifts, shower seats and/or wall brackets. Of course, there are also other products that will help you to make your bathroom as user-friendly as possible.



By placing various nursing beds or leg lifts that can help you get in or out of bed, it can be ensured that the bedroom can be used independently again. A bed rest or a bed table, for example, is also one of the possibilities to make a bedroom fully accessible to you or others.