Nursing beds and hospital beds that reduce the burden on nursing staff

Nursing beds and hospital beds that reduce the burden on nursing staff

How do the HomeCare Innovation nursing home beds work that reduce the load on the nursing staff?

Unfortunately, in nursing homes it is still often the case that the healthcare provider has to bear a great deal of burden in caring for his/her patients. In many cases, this can cause long-term body complaints on the part of the caregiver, as this transfer is physically too onerous for the staff or a caregiving family member.

The rotating nursing beds of HomeCare Innovation have a unique twist and stand up function that makes the independent sitting up and standing up a lot easier again. But the transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, for example, is also much easier thanks to our adjustable nursing beds. This reduces the physical workload of carers, but users also experience the adjustable hospital beds as a much more comfortable and safer alternative.

Also for persons with Obesitas HomeCare Innovation offers a fully electrically adjustable high-low bed with a weight capacity up to 500 kg!

The mobilia integra:

Transform your current bed into a full-fledged high-low bed with stand-up function.

The electric bed base with stand-up function

The mobilia type integra nursing bed system allows you to easily turn your existing bed into a stand-up bed. The bed base can be placed in single or double beds.

Look at the mobilia bed:

Other specifications of the mobilia high low bed:

  • Lying surface 200 x 90 cm.
  • Lying height adjustable from 42 – 82 cm.
  • Maximum load capacity up to 130 kg.
  • Backrest adjustable up to 70°
  • Leg section adjustable up to 32°
  • Excluding hand rails and parrot


The mobile nursing home bed with rotating function

The mobilia high low bed with stand-up function:

The mobilia type cura high low bed with stand-up function is our best-selling nursing bed because it is

hospital bed has a very unique feature that ensures that the bed tilts forward even more after turning to make it extra easy to get out of bed. (As seen in the video above).

The rotation can be made to the left or right. The backrest, foot end and lying height of the high low bed can also be fully electrically adjusted to your personal preference.

The rotating nursing bed with additional standing up / bed tilt function can also be extensively tested at your home by appointment before purchasing the bed. After buying the bed it can be delivered to your home by us, or left directly by us should you decide to buy the high low bed after testing the bed.

Would you like more information or make an appointment to try out the bed? Then please contact us via: 010-2420913 or send us an email:


The advantages of a nursing bed:

  • Reduced burden for carers
  • The nursing beds are fully electric
  • In most cases, our nursing beds are equipped with an extra bed brace for more support
  • Easy transfer to and from the bed
  • The rotating hospital beds ensure that patients or persons in need of care can get up from their beds completely independently or with minimal support.
  • Considerable improvement in mobility thanks to the swivel bed surface and standing up function of the hospital beds
  • Reduced burden of care on family members, nurses and patients
  • Safer transition for those in need of care
  • The use of the nursing bed is fairly simple and self-explanatory
  • A variant for obese people is also available!