The advantages of a get up help

The many advantages of a stand up aid or stable elevator

HomeCare Innovation is always looking for new, useful and user-friendly products to keep innovating its product range and to support the elderly living longer at home and the care sector.

Our stable lifts are a very nice example of this. For example, our stand on aids are used both in people’s own homes and in various care institutions. Approximately 30 percent of over-65s fall at least once a year, often these people are able to get up on their own again. But unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. And this is where our standing up for help comes in very handy.

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Different stand on aids:

De Elk sta op hulp

Compact en zeer effectief

The each stand-up lifts is the ideal tool to ensure that elderly people can get up again after falling. As previously described, each is an inflatable litfs that you can easily operate with the remote control, the included compressor ensures that the stand on pillow inflates to the ideal sitting height.

Each is recommended to be used with the supervision of an attendant or partner who can ensure that the fallen person can be kept in balance during the inflation of the stable lift because each stable lift does not have a backrest.

De Camel sta-op lift

The Camel is actually a bit the big brother of the Elk standing aid. In principle, the stable lift works exactly the same as the Elk. Simply place the stand on pillow under the fallen person, position the fallen person and the lift is ready for use. However, in contrast to the Elk, the Camel still has a backrest. This makes it easier for the fallen person to keep him or herself in balance. As a result, the Camel can also be operated by the user himself, whereas we do not recommend this for the Elk standing on the lift.

How do our stable lifts work?

Standing on a lift works as follows. The upright is actually a kind of air cushion, which is why these lifts are sometimes called stand on cushions. The stand on pillow can easily be placed under the fallen person, when it does not yet carry any air with it.

When the person on the stand is lying or sitting on the lift and the person is well positioned, the lift is ready for use. With the remote control you simply click on the buttons to inflate the air cushion and the included compressor does the rest. Standing on the cushion is automatically inflated to an extra high sitting height to a comfortable sitting position. The fallen person is now ready to get up again, with little or no effort from a carer or partner.

After use, you can empty the stable lift again in order to be able to store it compactly.

The ideal and user-friendly tool for the getting up after a fall for the elderly.