Threshold adjustment for property maintenance

Threshold adjustments for property maintenance

Often a threshold, whether indoors or outdoors or in a building, can be a major obstacle for people with a mobile disability or the disabled. Think, for example, of people who use a wheelchair, a rollator, a mobility scooter or people who can no longer make the step on foot.

For these people our threshold aids or other threshold adjustments are ideal. We offer standard threshold solutions as well as our unique customizable threshold help system, the modular threshold adjustment can be adapted to every situation, this way HomeCare Innovation always offers a solution.

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In many real estate projects or real estate maintenance, the threshold helps of HomeCare Innovation can ensure that the property is also easily accessible for wheelchair users or people with a walker. We therefore carry out many projects for municipalities, restaurants and shops in the retail sector to ensure that everything is accessible to everyone without being bothered by unfortunate thresholds.

Do you also suffer from thresholds inside or outside your building? Then take a look at our product range or contact us for other projects, we often send our team to the location to assemble and place the threshold aid on site. This ensures the best and most suitable finish.

Our threshold ramps & threshold adjustments

Threshold ramps

The threshold ramps of HomeCare Innovation are often used within We supply modular threshold ramps, rubber threshold ramps and aluminium threshold replacements.

Balcony elevation & Gallery elevation

Our modular threshold system is also widely used to raise balconies or galleries.

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